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Madam Mysteria

November 3, 2015, 2:15 pm

Madam Mysteria Offers Sessions in England and Switzerland

Madam Mysteria will be returning to both England and Zurich this November. Madam Mysteria expects nothing but the most respectful slaves, experienced submissives, and novices. Her travel dates are as follows:

London from 10th – 13th November 2015

Leeds for one day on the 14th November 2015

Wigan for one day on the 15th November 2015

Manchester from the 15th – 16th November 2015

Zurich from the 30th November - 1st December

While Madam Mysteria finds Her specialty in wrestling, beat downs & boxing, She also enjoys more classic BDSM scenes such as cock & ball torture, foot worship, corporal punishment. Visit Her website to schedule a session and discover just what kinks She loves the most! Deposits may be required to book.


Travel phone: 00420604263747

Madam Mysteria
November 3, 2015, 9:22 am

Mistress Natasha Müller Visits Los Angeles

Mistress Natasha Müller, Sadistic and cruel International Professional Dominatrix will be visiting the Los Angeles CA area this month! She will drag you into Her QueenDomme with exceedingly skilled, proficient and wide experience about the physical, mental and emotional elements of Domination. Mistress Müller is well versed in all types of play and enjoy sessions that range from seductive and suggestive to merciless, wicked, fierce play.

She`s the Dominatrix who will break your being and turn you in a puppet to play with. An old school Domina who requires submissives who understand the meaning of being kneeling before a Powerful Goddess. Her rules must be followed as you are there to serve and be used by Her!

Iron Gate Studios Only . Sessions Monday to Saturday 1pm - 11pm Text 818.462.7623 or Call 808.404.2323 to Schedule your Appointment USD $ 50 Deposit is Required . 24 Hours in Advance as Minimum Meet Me at Iron Gate Studios Play Parties Too. Follow My Twitter Updates

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Mistress Natasha Müller

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